Roverline Marketing & Logistics was established in Zambia on 18th February, 2013 with the sole purpose of contributing to the growing demand in Marketing needs, Advertising, Media Printing, Outsourced needs, Road Haulage, Bus Services, Supply of Construction Materials, customs clearances and in the country and providing specifically tailored services to clients, which are best suited with their business operations. At the same time, Roverline Marketing provides a cost effective but highly professional and global class service.

We bring Marketing & transportation architect to businesses world using our right expertise at the right price and to the right people.Roverline Marketing & Logistics Limited strives to become the first ever recognised world class marketing firm in Zambia by setting a new dimension through global marketing services especially in developing countries where various products of good quality still struggle to sale.

The Directors and Management Team have extensive international, regional and local network co operating partners and are supported by a pool of qualified and experienced experts. We are committed to support entrepreneur’s to attain the levels of the market shares their desire on the market as well as extend our some of our profits to the social welfare in various challenging communities through our corporate social responsibility.

Our staffs are employed based on talent and passion and are a significant part of the company.


Our mission is to ensure we provide a marketing tailored solution service that makes a positive sales difference in the entrepreneurs’ products on the modern global Market as well as provide world -class logistics & bus services.To significantly contribute towards the development and growth of Entrepreneurs.


Roverline Marketing and Logistics has a unique capability, which enables us to competitively meet the demands and requirements of our clients through:-

        - Expert knowledge of the local market
        - Gateway and strong links to International Manufacturing Companies.
        - Strong working capital base.
        - Integrity and Trustworthiness.